By Ana María Gutierrez, Daniel Gutierrez, David Hoces and Andrés López. Revisions by Denise Collyer and María Guzmán.

Hello dear readers. For this month’s article, we decided to choose a topic that is of great interest to our society: New Year’s resolutions. Is this familiar to you? Who has not ever planned one? Next, we will illustrate with a small study that we have done with people from Dúrcal and we will try to give you some guidelines about the effectiveness of these goals and try to give you some advice about how to achieve your goals. It is worth it.

Our interview was based on a study of New Year’s resolution made by Dr. John Norcross, a psychologist of the Pennsylvania university. He questioned whether or not the New Year’s resolutions work. The results of his research are from three groups: the completers, the people that weren’t interested and those who wanted to make changes. Resolutions were kept by almost half of those who made them. Also, the doctor gave tips about how to keep to realize these resolutions and he says we must be reflexive learners, begin with small wins, self monitor and minimize temptations. Finally, he recommends to learn from the past and look to the future.

Based on these premises, we made an interview about New Year’s resolutions to people from different ages in our village, Dúrcal. We asked them four questions: Have you ever planned any New Year’s resolutions? And in any other period of the year? Did you reach your goal? For how long? Do you think that these resolutions work? What did you do to make it work? Did you use any strategy? Ana’s interviewees decided to change in any other period of the year. Some of them reached their goals it and others, only for some time. The people who reached their goal, didn’t stop until they made it, for example, recovering her weight after giving birth. On the other hand, David’s interviewees had New Year’s resolutions and in other period of the year too. All of them succeeded because they worked very hard to make them come true. These people think that the resolutions are important to change their lives for the better and these activities can help us do something to improve. Finally, David Hoces interviewed three persons of the high school. Everybody had planned New Year’s resolutions and also in summer because their goals were linked with opositions or do sports, eat healthier… They reached their proposals successfully and they think that these resolutions work but you need some strategies like be constant, analyze the situation, be realistic and look after what you want to achieve. Another main strategy is to plan carefully, that is very important !!!

The members of the language exchange, the “Intercambio” as people call it, also have New Year’s resolutions. Hilary, speaking both English and a good Spanish, told us that she wanted to attend more Pilates and yoga lessons and eat less meat and more vegetables. On the contrary, Grem, proposed not to have New Year’s resolutions. Some think that this is a topic and doesn’t help much, since you have to be very constant to get something and most people get tired easily. We ,the students, have resolutions for the English class too:Ana wants that when we finish the school year, she can speak in English in an everyday situation and manage on her own. Besides, she expects to improve her pronunciation to be clearly understood and her most important resolutions for her is to achieve the Cambridge B1 English certificate

The top ten of the New Year’s resolutions includes the following purposes: Do exercise, stop smoking, learn something new, eat healthier or feel less stress. Some of the advices to make real our new year’s purposes are the following ones:

-If you want to be successful, you have to set small goals instead of big ones, because this helps a lot to not lose motivation, play offense and not defense and facilitation instead of willpower.

– You must have few purposes, because this way is better for truly achieve what you want to do.

– Your purposes must be specific, because if you don’t have very clear the goals you want to reach, you will never get them.

– If you fail, don’t give up, just learn about what you have done wrong and try again.

What about starting the year with some minor affordable goals which can help you improve your life? It is true you can start at any time of the year but…why not today? Let’s do it! If any case, for we wish you the best for your goals in this 2020.