What is Alonso Cano’s charity race? To finish the second term, our high-school hosts a race to raise money for charity. The money, as has happened in previous years, is going to be given to local associations, such as ACOES, ASPA or VALE, NGOs which help people here and abroad. This year, the event will take place on Thursday, April 3rd and everybody is welcome to attend: students, family, friends…anyone! If you can’t attend, you can participate with a zero number without taking part in the race. Many activities are also taking place that day: games, dance, raffles and we will end the day with a delicious and very traditional paella!

The charity race has its origin in an educational project by the students of Basic Professional Training or FPB at the IES Alonso Cano. The coordinator is one of our teachers, José Santiago and we count on the collaboration of Jose Antonio Morales, one of our school administrative assistants. The objective is to learn by integrating contents for practical and real purposes. Thus, the students learn communicative skills in language lessons, they go to the local radio station to advertise the race, or visit local enterprises searching for sponsors; Maths is used when developing the course for the race and they must be proficient in the use of new technology for designing posters, leaflets or the video of the race….All in all, to apply what has been learnt in a practical and motivating way working individually and in groups.We must not forget that this event also gathers together those who work at the high-school, students, the Parents’ Association and people from the area. We also rely on institutions such as the Youth House, headed by Carmelo, the town hall authorities and our teaching staff.

Every year this race has been a success for different reasons: in the first place,there are a lot of people engaged in this activity, teachers, students and many people from the village; secondly, the profits are sent to good causes. In addition, we count on members of the association VALE, who are people with disabilities but capable of doing great things . On the other hand, the winning runners will receive a present, either a trophy or a medal. There are also other gifts to honour certain individuals, such as our famous runner Nico Molina or our beloved and always remembered Ismael González. At the end of the race we do a raffle, using the numbers of the runners with the prizes being donated by Dúrcal’s businesses. They include a ham, school materials, sports clothes and things for the house. So, to be certain of a chance of winning one of these magnificent gifts, do not hesitate to come and join with all of us on this day of fun and laughter.